The Design

GoKymando first generation underwear is named GoKymando Adventure Underwear. They are a bike short design fastened by push studs in the waist area followed by open ended zips that run along the front of both thighs. The underwear are made from 93% bamboo fabric, allowing breathability of the underwear and comfort to the wearer. Studies indicate that bamboo viscose offers much higher antimicrobial properties when compared to cotton and wool thereby likely reducing the risk of bacterial infection. We also found that Bamboo was a highly favoured fabric chosen by people interviewed.

GoKymando has developed both male and female variations. The men’s style include a y – front and the women’s include a double gusset so that the underwear can function as a normal pair of underwear without the requirement of an additional undergarment. Finally, all variations of the underwear incorporate a pocket in the rear enabling the wearer to either use this pocket for storing a key or card, or simply to enable to wearer to fold the underwear into themselves prior or post wearing. This means you can throw the underwear into a pack or bag without risking contamination